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Dimarche (Sunday) The warm fire warmed us, but my back still ached as we shivered our hungry traveled bodies to sleep.

Lundi (Monday) Backing under the overhang, I pulled my snow covered shoes on and crunched into a baguette to feed my sorrows.

Mardi (Tuesday) The Brits led Alan and I to our roof at the elephant, but the lass’ were not satisfied with their discovery of few dry boulders in this forest. Mercredi (Wednesday) As I battled and juggled for counter space, Kelley reveled in her slab technique, steph drank her wine, and we all emphasized for those campers and their stolen vacation.

Jundi (Thursday) His love scared showed in her triangle face, but I was happy to see Aram and Janie, and eat crepe’s near Quasimoto’s towers.

Vendredi (Friday) Redemption is sweet, Alan’s patience is long, lingering thoughts over belgian beer and smelly cheese are broken by free email at this cozy bar.

Samdi (Saturday) Hail is unforgiving, Napoleon lived lavishly in the palace of final memories, and John and Leslie bring hope served with eight dollar wine.

Dimarche (Sunday) Martini Rossi is English for shitty wine, but Barbizon is french for Aram’s endless excitement and accomplishments of egoists.

Lundi (Monday) Mona Lisa came on a t-shirt, while theories of life’s happiness were born over rock obsessions, Hogarden beer, and a day spent with John.

Mardi (Tuesday) Steph’s sense of smell brought awareness to Michelle’s distracted cooking, but we all accepted to eat salad last during this feast of friends and wine.

Mercredi (Wednesday) While they climbed number 7 of their ten goal set, I tried to stay awake and spot Alan during this freak 80 degree day.

Jundi (Thursday) Appreciating this second to last day, I found inspiration in the artists of O’rsay, Alan’s acceptance of Armani’s espresso, Aram’s love of enthusiasm, and wine in Luxembourg park with friends.

Vendredi (Friday) Since our grrr had turned into prrr on this beautiful, warm, breezy day, we found that handstands in the forest were the only way to prolong our inevitable.

Auv Oir!

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