Mar 25 2010

TechTips Vol V All Things Digital Lulu

How cool is the internet? Seriously when is the last time you said, that’s just great, now that’s useful? Continue reading

Mar 14 2010

TechTips Vol V Website Chris Guillebeau

How much of what you obtain is useful, I mean really useful? This Website of the Month has been invaluable to me, very useful, and it is not confined to delivery of technology solutions. Continue reading

Mar 9 2010

TechTips Vol V Software

Do you need good Antivirus Software on your windows computer? Does it seem expensive? Would you mind not paying for Antivirus Software? Continue reading

Feb 28 2010

TechTips Vol IV Win/Mac Logmein

Have you ever needed to remotely access your work or home PC? Have you ever tried to walk your parents through computer tasks only to end up frustrated? Help is near… Continue reading

Feb 26 2010

TechTips Vol IV Linux – htop


“This is htop, an interactive process viewer for Linux. It is a text-mode application (for console or X terminals) and requires ncurses. Tested with Linux 2.4 and 2.6.”

It is a useful GUI for analyzing Processor and Memory usage. It enhances the functionality of “top” and gives a more friendly view. Continue reading

Feb 20 2010

TechTips Vol IV Digital – Pandora

Do you want to stop paying for music, but still have a growing collection songs to enjoy? Do you want to be exposed to artists and genres you have not experienced? If I have you at this point, you’ll love Pandora . Continue reading

Feb 14 2010

TechTips Vol IV Website – Google Reader

Google Reader

Is Internet content overwhelming? Do you find it difficult to keep track of all those interesting blogs and news sites? How do you know which to read now, which to read later, keep for reference, share to your friends? The answer is not blowing in the wind, it’s [Google Reader][1]. Continue reading

Feb 10 2010

TechTips Vol IV Software – RescueTime

Are you defined by your Actions? Who are you, if not for what you do? Find out a little about yourself by tracking your productivity.. Continue reading

Jan 31 2010

TechTips Vol III Mac – Enable right mouse click

If you are a PC user coming over to a Mac, you might be left wondering where that useful right mouse click went. Continue reading

Jan 24 2010

TechTips Vol III Windows – Virus Removal

If you have never gotten a virus on your Windows computer, you are either one of the very lucky minority, a computer genius, or still running [Windows 3.1][1]. If you don’t fall into any of the above categories, read on…

Continue reading