Oct 24 2009

Techtips Vol1 – drop.io

Have you ever needed to email someone a large file (lets say over 10 mb for arguments sake). Do you know how to find the size of a file? On a Mac or PC you can typically right click on the file and choose “Get Info” or “properties”. Most email servers do not support emailing files over 15 mb and personally I don’t like to email anything over 5 mb. The email might bounce, or just slow down your ability to send and their ability to receive.
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Oct 24 2009

TechTips – Archive

Oct 20 2009

List of software I use


Oct 18 2009

Techtips Vol1- EverNote

EverNote was created for the information gatherers of the world. The software allows you to create, access, sync your notes across all your media access devices. Work Computer, Home Computer, Cell Phone, Web Site Accessible from Anywhere. Record a voice note, jot down an idea, copy an entire web page (with graphics) for later reviewing. Continue reading

Sep 7 2009

Must Read for all IT Admins!!

My Favorite

– Tell Your Users What You Are Going to Do
– Tell Your Users What You Are Doing
– Tell Your Users What You Have Done


Apr 29 2009

Windows Spybot and Combo fix

The two best tools to use when all seems lost

  • Does your machine not boot properly
  • Can you not see your desktop
  • Does your web browser tell you that you have a virus and need to download some removal software
  • These are all symptoms of spyware, a worm, or a virus

The two best tools I’ve used to solve most issues are sbybot and combo fix, linked below.



Apr 27 2009

Install Adobe CS3 and CS4 apps on Windows 2003

Go to

Adobe CS3\Photoshop\Adobe CS3\payloads\AdobePhotoshop10en_US_volume\AdobePhotoshop10en_US_volume.proxy.xm l


Change it to