Techtips Vol1 –

Have you ever needed to email someone a large file (lets say over 10 mb for arguments sake). Do you know how to find the size of a file? On a Mac or PC you can typically right click on the file and choose “Get Info” or “properties”. Most email servers do not support emailing files over 15 mb and personally I don’t like to email anything over 5 mb. The email might bounce, or just slow down your ability to send and their ability to receive.

There is a website that can help with this, gives you the ability to upload multiple large files. It is very easy.

  1. Go to
  2. Give your drop a name, under create a new drop name
  3. Click Select files, select the files you want to email
  4. Click the + under additional options to set a guest password and expiration for the drop
  5. Click on Create a Drop
  6. Enter a password
  7. Email your recipient the drop link you created in step 2


  • Password Protected, permission based drops (secure)
  • Time limit to expiration of drop
  • 100mb of storage for free per drop
  • Repaces FTP
  • drop faq
  • Training video
  • Some more key features
    • RSS feeds, with rich enclosures
    • Email notifications: knowing when a drop gets updated
    • Facebook with
    • Goole Analytics with

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