Techtips Vol1- EverNote

EverNote was created for the information gatherers of the world. The software allows you to create, access, sync your notes across all your media access devices. Work Computer, Home Computer, Cell Phone, Web Site Accessible from Anywhere. Record a voice note, jot down an idea, copy an entire web page (with graphics) for later reviewing.

EverNote It has a client for Apple, Windows, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, or just web based. So from anywhere, on anything, you can jot a quick note, save a web page or article, record a voice note, take a picture note using a built in camera. These notes will sync across your multiple devices. When you have many notes, they are all searchable by custom tags you create.

Some basic uses

  • intake and organize reference material
  • Notes from meetings
  • Notes from phone calls
  • Keep a Task List
  • Grocery list, as you can access this from your phone

Go to EverNote‘s site.

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