Find my iphone

Someone I know told me a great story of how the left their iPhone in a cab, on a business trip. Ordinarily this would not be a great story, but a tragedy. It was do to one of Apple’s fantastic applications Find my iPhone

Find my iphone

For those of you that don’t know about this app and have either an iPad or iPhone, it is a must have. Using this application, he was able to run up to his hotel room, turn on his computer, and go to Apple’s iCloud, which reminds me of Mad tv irack.

From there he was able to remotely lock his iPhone, send a message to the device letting the cab driver know what to do next, and send a beeping noise so the cab driver would be aware of his unpaying passenger. If my friend was worried that he lost it somewhere too public, he could even remotely wipe the device and keep all his private information safe.

  1. Go to the app store on your iPad or your iPhone
  2. Search for Find my iPhone
  3. Download, install, and set it up..

If you are running OS X Lion, there is even Find my Mac

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