I don’t like change

I like to believe I’m an endurer, much like Shackleton’s ability to rescue all his men, I would like to believe I have the stamina to stay steady in times that call for it most. The likelihood of having to cross the Antarctic to save my friends is probably not a test I will have to pass anytime soon. Having the where with all to withstand what the universe throws your way, understand what deserves your attention and energy, and keeping that perspective throughout should not be taken lightly. It is one of those things that requires practice.

Life could probably be defined by a multi faced set of ever changing constant interactions and the one thing we can always believe life will throw our way is “change”.. but, “I don’t like change”

Change is not something that cares to be loved, but accepting the inevitability lets you accommodate this new house guest under house rules. Seth Godin wrote a great blog on helping others accept and work within change, I think it can even be used to help yourself. The title is Frightened, Clueless, or uninformed and the moral of the article is Comfort the frightened, coach the clueless and teach the uninformed.

First you have to understand which category you fit into within that moment of change, and you can see what you need to overcome. One of the most glaring examples of change in life is the finality of it all and the lack of knowing when and where. Though one can take many steps to define how and how best to define everything up to that moment.

I read an inspiring article somewhere that talked about “wasting” time and how it should basically be considered one of the seven deadly sins. Time is the one thing that moves forward whether you like it or not and it is more precious than gold and shouldn’t be squandered or wasted. This is quickly becoming a speech you’d hear from your parents or teacher, but let me explain..

I didn’t understand it to read you must be “successful” in the conventional sense, make lots of money, produce 2.5 children, have a steady career, or anything you let society put upon you. I simply understood it as “everything I do or choose to do with my time should be just that, choice, a conscious decision on how to spend this moment”. I choose to watch TV, fine, I choose to drink this bourbon, great, I want to go climbing, fantastic.. If that is really what I want to do with that moment and I can, I should, anything less is a travesty. Don’t pace wondering what to do, don’t do what you think you must unless you want to (now you may not always like what you must. I don’t equate wanting with liking. I rather aline wanting with regret. As in I always do what I won’t regret and not do what I think I might.), and if you can’t think of anything to do, then accept it and enjoy doing nothing…

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