She said yes

So two questions must arise in your thought consciousness.  Now I know your true self already is satisfied, but for those who question what they know already, let me digress.. The she that I refer is not a she of legends though they can be made of her, she is not the she of deities though I’ve sculpted her in my heart, and she is not the all encompassing referral to those that are female, though she represents that in my state of reality. The she of my statement is the she that I find pure joy and peace with, the one that makes me giggle and laugh from my belly, the person who cries for me when my faucets seem dry, and the one who supports me when my legs feel weak….

The she is Kelley Bickford and she said Yes to being my wife……

We got engaged last Friday Oct 7, 2005 at the Kripalu center in W. Mass. After a week long Yoga/Massage training/fantastic week, we went walking through the grounds before departing back to Boston. She bought a coconut ice cream bar while my stomach churned with anticipation.  We walked to a meditation/maze/circle that ended at a shrine where people left items of significance.  I told her that I wanted to leave something and that it was none of her business 🙂 After 10 minutes of excruciating steps with one hell of a build up in my body we arrived at the center.  Kel the whole time was completely involved in her ice cream.  She decided to dedicate the rest of her ice cream to the circle as an act of letting go and non-attachment (That is huge for those that know her, the last bite is always the best). Then I asked her to read my donation, which was a note describing the ring I had an artist in VT make for her.  She looked at my with the biggest, watery, eyes I have ever seen.  I opened the box and she said Yes….

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