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The World Wide Web (WWW) is huge, hence the name! Thousands of WWW sites out there, some with useful information, some not.. Some have procrastination (resistance to goal accomplishment) written all over them. Sometimes, just once in a while, there are sites with really great, useful information, that you want to Bookmark…

I apologize, I shouldn’t have used that dirty word “Bookmark”.. I feel like it’s just as bad as saying BeetleJuice 3 times, except Michael Keaton was far funnier. Bookmarks are like King Minos’ Labyrinth (No, not the one with David Bowie), it is a place where good websites get lost and never visited again. How sad..

Why I think Bookmarking is antiquated

  • If your computer dies, and you didn’t backup, all your bookmarks are lost
  • If your tech support switches you to a new computer (but forgets to migrate the bookmarks), and wipes your old system, all your bookmarks are lost
  • If you are sitting at a different computer and need access to that www.”Oh what was that really helpful site again”.com site, you are lost

This is where it gets better

I’ve categorized the entire WWW into two basic categories

The first situation, blogs, news sites, etc. I will address in next month’s website of the month “Google Reader“. However I want to focus on the secondary type of site, so lets get to the point..


  • I’m not going to use the words cloud, social, facebook, twitter, or bookmark to explain Delicious, just isn’t Kosher..
  • Portable, Searchable, Collaborative, Available are a preferable adjectives

How it works

  • Sign up for an account Delicious Sign in
  • Install the Delicious Plugin for Firefox
    • If you use Chrome or Safari but these two links,
    • and
    • everything in within the quotes “javascript:(function(){location.href=’’+encodeURIComponent(window.location.href)+’&title=’+encodeURIComponent(document.title)+’&v=5&jump=yes’})()” on your “Bookmarks Tool Bar”.
    • (I know, but it’s the only two sites you actually ever need to Bookmark ever)
    • Did I not mention Internet Explorer, huh..
  • Import your old Bookmarks into Delicious
    • Don’t worry about doing anything with them after they are imported. Just get them off your computer, into Delicious, and that’s it.
  • When ever you want to save a really cool shopping, travel, video, Mac tricks, etc site, use the Delicious Plugin or Delicious Shortcut to do so.
    • As you are saving it in Delicious you can put a note with it, I don’t.
    • You can tag it, which I do..
    • Tag your favorite shoe shopping site with multiple tags “shoes, shopping, savings, feet, etc.”
    • Delicous might even offer some recommended tags for that given site.
  • Whenever you want to locate again for the first time (we’ve all been there) a site that is helpful for shopping,
    • how to backup your windows computer,
    • Tax information for 2009,
    • go to Delicous, login, and search your previously saved sites (or the one’s saved by the delicious network)
[More info on Delicious][13]

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