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Verizon does a poor job of marketing the Motorola Google Droid. “Droid Does” is spot on, but little explanation beyond that. I’ll leave the ambiguous to Buddha, and require detail in my purchases.

I own the Motorola Droid, I am on Verizon’s network, I’ve never owned an iPhone (As I said, Verizon’s network, voice quality and reception come first). That being said, the Droid is second to nothing. I’m not saying it’s better than the iPhone, don’t care to get in that debate, but it more than satisfies any technology/life need I desire from my phone.

Droid’s Best Features

(Assuming all the basic features, custom ring tones, camera/video, pull out and digital touch keyboard, Internet Access, Texting, etc.)

  • Google Navigation
    • Turn by turn audio navigation and map showing your location as you move
    • Shows you what’s around that area from Food, Gas, Shopping, etc.
    • Use the voice navigation and say “Navigate to Italian” and it will give you Italian restaurants in the area.
    • Gives you alternate routes
    • Shows you a Google Street view picture of your destination when you supposedly arrived.
  • Fully Sync with Google Email and Microsoft Exchange (Work)
    • Contacts
    • Calendar
    • Email Labels
  • Syncs email with any other email account, yahoo, msn, etc.
  • Pandora
  • Voice to Text Translation
    • When entering an email, text, or Twitter update, just hit the microphone button and talk. It will translate the audio speech into text words.
  • Get PodCasts on the phone
  • Upload pictures straight to Picassa, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • E-Books

Some Good Droid Apps, via the Droid Marketplace

  • Evernote
  • MyTracks
  • Droid Coupons – Find Shopping Coupons in your area
  • WeatherBug – Weather for your area
  • Listen – Podcasts
  • NewsPro – Reuters
  • Profiles – Set custom phone profiles for one click setup (screen timeout, volume, ringtone, meetings, outside)

Car Dock

Car Dock

Media Dock (Alarm Clock with custom alarm tones) Media Dock

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