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Task Management and Google Integration has reached new levels of awesome in Gqueues. It is easily my application of the month.

Gqueues is simply a task manager, but simplicity in use is complex in attainment. Web Based, feature rich, and full integration with my gmail account and calendar.

Much like the last task management software I outlined,, Gqueues should be utilized and implemented the same way.

Steps to Use it

  • Intake – In the inbox of Gqueues intake ALL your to do’s, literally ALL of them. Don’t organize them yet, just intake.. You can even give your task a note, website link, or any other details necessary to accomplish them.
  • Organize – There are two concurrent ways to organize tasks with Gqueues. Queues or categories.
  • Queues have finite start and end dates, with multiple tasks associated in order to accomplish them. Sometimes the tasks are sequential, sometimes not.
  • Categories are reserved for tasks associated with recurring themes (contexts). More than one tag can be assigned to a task.
  • Summary – You can create a project and assign tasks and assign one or more categories per task.
  • i.e. – Christmas Gifts is a Queue. Online, mall, brother, mother, best friend,, itunes, etc. are all categories or contexts. Some of the tasks are “Buy gift card”, “Small Sweater”, “Music”, etc.
  • Once all your tasks are noted, queues and categories created and assigned, now it’s time to associate a date.
  • Date is the day the task needs to be accomplished.
  • The last and final step is “Rinse, Lather, Repeat”. Once a day, once a week, once a month, review your tasks, assign, re-organize, and stay on target. At least use this system daily to see what you need to get done, do it, and check it off, or re-assign it if it didn’t get done (for whatever reason).

Keys to Success

  • Be realistic with your due dates so you can accomplish the task when you want, it’s rewarding. Getting in the habit of constantly re-assigning tasks is detrimental to the system.
  • Use just one system and do not over analyze it.
  • Email is not a system.. Emails that contain tasks should be recorded in this system and archived or deleted.

One of my favorite features of Gqueues is the “Create Gqueues task Bookmarklet” . Using this feature with Google Mail is a perfect marriage. If I have an email I want to turn into a task I use the Bookmarklet feature and it can be done in one click, poof no more email and now a qualified task.

Gqueues also has a Google Calendar Gadget that inserts a task list next to your Google Calendar.

I’ve since fully switched from and I could be none the wiser.

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