There is no Quit in Me

I find 100% effort is always easier than anything less. I’m not going say %110 is even better, I’m being realistic, %100 is as much effort that you can put in. I hate it when motivators ask for more than that, it skews your whole thinking of the scale. It makes you think that pretending that you are trying, and making painful faces, is equivalent to %100, knowing that, of course, you can put just a little more, but that’s %110 and %100 is good enough.

Ah, good enough, I’m not talking about good enough. Would you hire a plumbing company or electrician called “Good Enough Consulting”? Would you hire me if my tag line read “We fix your computers to a “Good Enough” standard, they just kind of work”. So being realistic, the now common version of “I’m trying” is probably around half effort, though the majority of that is in your head. Thinking to yourself, I don’t want to try harder, it hurts, I’m not going to make it (don’t be dramatic), only contributes to Resistance (War of Art), and takes energy away from what you could be accomplishing.

In order to know what type of situational person your are, you have to be honest and humble with yourself? In order to be honest and humble, you have to ask yourself if you really care about your personal success. I’m not talking success in the eyes of others, you nor I should give a damn what others think of our success. What can you look back upon and be proud of your accomplishments and the improvements you’ve made since?

I recently read a fantastic quote on maturity, gave me a whole new outlook on life and perspective. We are not mature people, we are simply people, but we can be situationally mature within our every day interactions. This person defined maturity as having enough experience, within that situation, having been there and done that, failed, succeeded, and learned, that they are now fully confident to make quick decisions (within that situation) and know a positive outcome will ensue. It can almost be interpreted that they practiced that situation so much, put forth %100 each time, was honest and humble with themselves enough to learn, and now actions are natural, calm, poised, confident, and right. Being situationally mature is just that however, it is based on situations you have put that proper experience into. You are not going to be so well trained in new moments.

What I mean by “type of situational person you are”, is just that. I find most people change based on the environment that surrounds them. You are not a lazy person, a confident person, a brave person. You are those things in situations.. Find the situations you care most about, want successes, and think back to the moments you thought your effort was an actual %100. If it was, great, if it was not, why not, what was your Resistance? Next time you are in that situation, remember what that “Resistance” was, realize it, and ignore it, see if full dedication to the task at hand is actually easier than finding ways not to go %100.

If you want, borrow my mantra, “there is no quit in me..” If you want to see it in action, watch Wes Welker play football.

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