Why the Ring is Round

This is a speech I wrote for a good friends wedding.

“Why the Ring is Round”

In the beginning there was a peace, an everlasting unification of existence That existence was separated into two parts, known as the duality of life.  From it formed many opposing forces.  Up and down, left and right, good and bad, less taste, more filling, right and wrong, shorts and pants, Male and Female From that we find ourselves living each moment with a desire to connect to that original unification.  As humans we have found many ways to indulge in our day to day lives.  Chocolate, Beer, People magazine, Rock climbing, and Shopping, just to name the best.

Are these the real deal, or are they fleeting glimpses of distractions from the main course?  I’ve come to my conclusion and I’ve had help.

For those that have the privilege of meeting Derek now, you are blessed, for those that have the honor of knowing Derek up until now, you are all the wiser. For Man could not be better defined than the groom to be.  For what I have had the privilege of learning of Nancy, Eve would not be prouder.

What happens when you witness duality finding an attraction?  When up decides to go down, dog befriends cat, Boston becomes a safe place to drive?   Let me say, It is absolutely enlightening.  Addictions become a simple enjoyment, not a state of being, sarcasm is exchanged for sincerity, friendships become all the more meaning, and family is life.  Giving becomes mutual and taking loses it’s lust.

Derek, Nancy, you have opened the mind of my heart. For your relationship cumulates my definition of the peace in the beginning.  The everlasting circular exchange of what you have to give to each other, that causes a never ending ripple effect of wiser hearts.   Your life together has always been and always will.  What better to define this reality but with a simple and beautiful eternal ring.

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